A Canadian company



Lystea Teas is a company specializing in the import and distribution of tea, matcha powder, and tea accessories.



Created at the beginning of 2021 by Grégory and Amélie, two tea enthusiasts and its many virtues. The idea was to start with a small store, but the 2020s and 2021s are very difficult years for trade.



Given the growth of the online shopping market, the two designers decided to realize their dream, rather than offer the best teas in a city, why not aim directly at all of Canada thanks to the magic of the Internet?







Your Tea, Our Quality



The slogan of the company Les Thés Lystea fully describes his vision. They take care of selecting for you the best tea on the market.



It is very easy to buy tea in Canada, at any specialty store like David’s Tea,on the internet, but also in the grocery store next to you. But are you sure you’ve really found what you need? Have you really tasted real tea worthy of the name? These are the questions that Amélie and Gregory are asked, and they have managed to answer. Now it’s your turn!



The online store contains a large majority of Canada-certified organic products, so consumers can enjoy their Lystea Teas with their eyes closed. Imported directly from their original paychecks, lystea.ca teas undergo no particular transformation, in order to keep their freshness.





Eco-responsible and simplistic packaging



Lystea Teas wish to contribute to the protection of the environment, and have respect for our Mother Nature, because without it, tea would not be of such good quality. Preservation pouches are recyclable, not plastic at Lystea! For those who order Matcha in a box, be aware that these boxes are reusable.



It is really that the packaging does not have a flashy pattern, Lystea prefers to keep a simplicity, because all its reputation is born of the quality of its products (the dress does not make the monk!)



Customer service close to you



Even if buying Lystea tea is only possible the online shop, for the moment, the company makes a point of offering you impeccable customer service. We can be reached email, on Facebook,by phone, for all your questions.